Friday, February 04, 2011

Product review for Reliable Brand Home Iron

I recently purchased a Digital Velocity V100D iron from Reliable Corporation.  After using it for about a month, I was inspired to write a review.  I was not solicited by anyone to write this review. 

I love love love this iron.  I have owned MANY irons and this is the best iron I have ever owned.  It does not spit, sputter or leak.  The steam is continuous even at lower temperatures.  It is almost like using a steamer. 

This iron is not cheap. It does have a price tag of $139.00.  I debated for a long time between this iron and it's lower priced sister, Velocity V50, that is priced at $99.00.  Both have free shipping.  I decided on the V100D
because of the replaceable anti-scale cartridge.  Keeping the inside of an iron free of scale is important to me. 

I did have to adjust how I hold the handle.  If you hold it too close to the top, it is easy to bump the temperature contol.  It is also a little difficult to see the water level.  But these two minor issues would not stop me from purchasing this iron again. 

You can purchse the iron directly for Reliable Corporation.  Click here for the link. 

Yippee, I FINALLY have an iron that is realiable.

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