Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mulberry Street Art and Craft Show in Macon, GA

Every year the city of Macon hosts a festival called the Cherry Blossom Festival. It occurs just as the Cherry Trees begin to bloom. It is truly beautiful. The festival lasts about ten days. The last weekend of the festival the Middle Georgia Art Association hosts an Arts and Craft Show on Mulberry Street. For the last two years, Saturday was a wash out; but, Sunday was beautiful. This event is heavily attended and even in this tough economy sells were brisk. I started accepting credit cards last year. I use a company called ProPay. I found them to reasonally priced. They charge a small annual fee and the transaction fee is competitive. This has really increased sales. In this day and age most people do not carry cash. The debit card and credit card rule.

This event has a wide variety of crafters and it is closely juried. This is great. Only crafters are allowed to participate and each crafter's booth is checked by members of the Art Association to make sure nothing manufactured slips into the show. (I wish other Art and Craft Shower Sponsors were this diligent.)

I asked for and received a corner spot for my booth. This makes it sooo much easier for me. I have lots of stuff and I like to have two sides open for shoppers. I was also located next to an ice cream stand. As customers lined up for ice cream they browsed in my store. (Soweeet).

I am looking forward to next year. I hope I get the same spot.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CheckBook Covers (In-The-Hoop)

I found the cutest in-the-hoop quilted checkbook covers at FiveStarFonts. I know checkbook covers seem a little old fashioned; but, I think most everyone still uses a checkbook occasionaly. This certainly is cuter than those old ugly plastic ones that come with your checks.

This embroidery pattern is done in the 6 x 10 hoop or the 7 x 11 3/4 hoop. It is done all in one hooping. There is absolutely no other sewing required. They take less than 1/4 yard of fabric and you can complete one in about 20 minutes. These will make great gifts. I have made several and plan on selling them at craft shows or on Etsy. (See link in the right hand column.) This pattern comes with a complete alphabet so you can personalize it. I used a dog, I cut from some fabric in place of the monogram on one. The other one, I just left plain.
FiveStarFonts site has lots of really cute embroidery designs. On most Friday's, a free design is offered. I have purchase several designs from this site and I could not be more pleased. Check it out.
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