Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CheckBook Covers (In-The-Hoop)

I found the cutest in-the-hoop quilted checkbook covers at FiveStarFonts. I know checkbook covers seem a little old fashioned; but, I think most everyone still uses a checkbook occasionaly. This certainly is cuter than those old ugly plastic ones that come with your checks.

This embroidery pattern is done in the 6 x 10 hoop or the 7 x 11 3/4 hoop. It is done all in one hooping. There is absolutely no other sewing required. They take less than 1/4 yard of fabric and you can complete one in about 20 minutes. These will make great gifts. I have made several and plan on selling them at craft shows or on Etsy. (See link in the right hand column.) This pattern comes with a complete alphabet so you can personalize it. I used a dog, I cut from some fabric in place of the monogram on one. The other one, I just left plain.
FiveStarFonts site has lots of really cute embroidery designs. On most Friday's, a free design is offered. I have purchase several designs from this site and I could not be more pleased. Check it out.

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