Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to School Sewing

Soon school will begin. Carlie and Grant will begin pre-school in a few short weeks. They are only three and this will be their first adventure that involves being separated from their mom for several hours a day. They only will be attending three days a week. I really hate to see them growing up soooo fast. They are at an age where everything fascinates them. It is really fun to watch their amazement of the world.
I decided to make an back to school outfit for Carlie. I will do something for Grant soon too. I have noticed a lot of mixed fabrics with tiered tops and pants with ruffles at the bottom. I ventured of to the fabric store (like I really need more fabric.) to find a colorful combination. Here is a picture of the results. My husband thinks it looks like a clown suit. I used Kwik Sew pattern 3664. I like the way it turned out; but, most importantly Carlie loved it. Once she had it on, she did not want to remove it.
I have created a similar one to post on my Etsy account. It is the dress pattern without the pants. ( I ran out of fabric) I arranged the fabrics in a differnt order and placed an addition ruffle at the bottom of the dress. You can find this item at http://judybagcompany.etsy.com/. It is a size 2 and is ready to ship. I hope you like it.

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